Detailed Review With The IWC Ingenieur Double Chronograph Replica

Over half a century ago, IWC Mens Replica introduced an antimagnetic replica watch to fulfil the needs of engineers during advances in the understanding of electricity. Balance springs, being the delicate things they are, tend to bind together when magnetised, speeding up a replica watch and eventually stopping it. By utilising a soft-iron inner case, IWC Ingenieur Double Chronograph Replica protected the movement from magnetic fields to very high levels, and that was that. Except it wasn’t, because now there’s the Ingenieur Double Chronograph Titanium.

Detailed Review With The IWC Ingenieur Double Chronograph Replica

The reason for this brief history lesson will become clear, but first, take a moment to read a line quoted from IWC’s press release regarding the new replica watch: ‘In order to reduce weight and height . . . the replica watch does away with a soft-iron inner case.’ Over fifty years on from the original Ingenieur, it’s time to take stock of what this iconic model has become.

IWC’s on-again-off-again relationship with Mercedes-Benz is currently in an on period with a lucrative deal to sponsor the car manufacturer’s F1 team. It’s a good fit—speed, engineering, heritage—but it comes at a cost. To cater for the Mercedes partnership, a more sporting complication has been added to the replica watch, which necessitated the removal of the feature that originally made the Ingenieur the Ingenieur.

Detailed Review With The IWC Ingenieur Double Chronograph Replica
All that aside, the replica watch is everything it aims to be. Clearly positioned for fans of large, sporty replica watches, its not inconsiderable size is absorbed weight-wise with the use of titanium. The muted finish lends a sense of purpose, even if we all know the folks on the pit wall are staring at digital times on computers rather than analogue times on their wrists.

As with all things IWC, it’s a very well made replica watch. Vulcanised rubber is used to coat the pushers, giving them an appropriately grippy finish and contrasting the black and blue dial nicely. The dial itself is bold and clear, feeling technical and functional while also displaying enough design detail to not come across as lazy or unfinished. The three-dimensional layering seems well thought out, packaging the time, day-date and chronograph functions without clutter or distraction.

The focus of this piece is it’s ability to measure split time, thanks to its double chronograph calibre 79420. Based loosely on the ETA 7750, it arrives at IWC in kit form, has most of the original ETA parts binned and is transformed into something worthy of the IWC name. The modifications include the addition of the double chronograph mechanism (hence the removal of the soft-iron inner case to accommodate it), a design originally developed by former IWC replica watchmaker Richard Habring.

Detailed Review With The IWC Ingenieur Double Chronograph Replica

It may seem that IWC has ignored its roots with the Ingenieur Double Chronograph Titanium, and in a way it has, but not to its detriment. For those who think it’s too big, or needs a soft-iron core, there exists the IW3239, a more honest nod to the Ingenieur’s heritage. The original Ingenieur was made for engineers and catered for the market of the time; today, it’s made for a different set of people, and they want something a bit bigger, a bit sportier and packed with clever tech. For them, IWC has really hit the mark.

Hands-On With Breitling Navitimer World GMT Chronograph Replica

The first difference we can see is the upper chronograph, which has different numbers than the one on the genuine brand Breitling mens replica watch. The second difference is on the tachymeter which has chunkier numbers on the genuine watch compared to the replica. Also, we can see that the logo is golden on the original watch and less pronounced, while on the replica there is a darker color and a logo that stands out more. The Breitling Navitimer replica watch stem is also different as the one on the replica watch is more flat and wider. The lower chronograph is different than the lower chronograph on the genuine watch, as the first has the numbers 15 – 30 – 45 – 60 instead of the 9 -3 -6 type chronograph. The third chronograph, on the left is also different when it comes to the replica watch, this time not even showing numbers but a date: 13.11.2009 instead of 40 -20- 60.

breitling copy

genuine watch

Frédérique Constant Runabout Chronograph Automatic Mens Replica

Frédérique Constant Mens Replica has sponsored the Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance, one of the world’s most prestigious showcase events for vintage wooden boats, since 2010. This year, the Geneva-based replica watch company salutes the event with a new limited-edition replica watch in its sailing-inspired Runabout collection, the Frédérique Constant Runabout Chronograph Automatic, available in two distinct versions.

Frédérique Constant Runabout Chronograph Automatic Mens Replica

Each of the new Frédérique Constant Runabout replica watches — which also pay tribute to the Riva Historical Sociey, named for boat-building pioneer Carlo Riva and dedicated to conserving and restoring his antique Runabout boats — will be produced in limited series of only 2,888 pieces. Both timepieces contain the automatic Caliber FC-393, which boasts 25 jewels, a frequency of 28,800 vph, and a power reserve of 46 hours, and powers the replica watch’s functions, which include hours, minutes, seconds, date and chronograph.

The stainless steel case of the Frédérique Constant Runabout Chronograph Automatic is 42 mm in diameter and features a diamond-hard, convex sapphire crystal over the dial as well as a see-through sapphire caseback, etched with the flag of the Riva Historical Society. Both versions of the replica watch have silvered dials with a guilloché pattern in the center. The date window is at 3 o’clock, and the chronograph subdial counters are at 12 and 6 o’clock.

One version, has a hand-polished stainless steel case, with hand-applied pearl-black Arabic hour numerals. It comes on a deep blue “croco-calf” leather strap with white contrast stitching and a folding buckle. The steel case of the other model, Ref. FC-393RM5B4 ($3,695), has a rose-gold plating, luminous white hour and minute hands, and hand-applied, rose-gold-finished Arabic hour numerals. Its “croco-calf” strap is dark brown and also equipped with a folding buckle.

Both new Frédérique Constant Runabout Chronograph Automatic replica watch models come in specially designed gift boxes, alongside a bonus for classical boat lovers, a miniature buy siwss replica watch of a wooden Runabout boat.

Detailed Review With The Richard Mille RM032 Dark Diver Chronograph Mens Replica

Let’s face it, there are not many brands like Richard Mille Mens Replica. They are effectively the Pagani Automobili of the replica watch world as they have consistently pushed the limits and interaction of materials, technology, and design. Richard Mille is famous for their use of massively complex skeleton movements, curved tonneau cases, and exotic materials. Some readers will remember the RM056 model which was launched at BaselWorld this year featuring a case made of sapphire crystal and sporting a $1.65m price tag. Regardless of your opinion of their watches, you have to admire their drive to make unbelievable products with truly stratospheric prices. Consider the RM027 which features a tourbillon movement and a case made of a high-carbon composite that weighs only 13g (without its strap) and can actually float when placed in water (read more here). The RM027 carries a price tag in excess of $550,000 and is perhaps most famously known as the watch worn by tennis star Rafael Nadal. I like Richard Mille watches for the same reason I like the many iterations of the Pagani Zonda, they’re insane, dramatic, and an interesting point of overlap between the passions of technology and design.

For those that don’t quite have a half million dollars (or more) just lying around, perhaps a limited edition of the Richard Mille RM032 Dive Chronograph Replica will do? The new Richard Mille 032 Dark Diver Chronograph is packaged in a massive 50 x 17.8mm case so only those with a wrist to match their wallet should apply. The case is made of titanium which has been treated to a black DLC finish and matches nicely with the skeleton view of the RMAC2 chronograph movement. The RMAC2 is an automatically winding chronograph movement with flyback capability, an annual calendar, and a pinwheel-style running indicator which spins when the chronograph is active. In typical Richard Mille fashion, the movement is viewable from both the front and back of the replica watch via sapphire crystals and the movement itself makes up the majority of the dial.

Richard Mille RM032 Dark Diver Chronograph Watch Watch Releases

Featuring the same pusher locking system seen in the original RM032 Dive Chronograph we showed you here, turning the inner ring around the crown locks both the crown and pushers from use and secures the replica watch for dives of up to 300m. Similar to the locking system seen in much of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor range, the Richard Mille system offers an easy and visually verifiable way of locking its controls, not only for water resistance but also to ensure that the measure taken by the replica watch cannot be interrupted while diving. As cool as this system, and indeed the entire RM032 Dark Diver is, I doubt that many buyers will take such a replica watch diving, let alone to great depths.

The Richard Mille 032 Dark Diver Chronograph is both undeniably cool and almost completely impractical. The original RM032 carried a price tag of $125,000 and the Dark Diver, being limited to just 30 pieces, will cost only $140,000 USD. Just like a top-tier supercar, a Richard Mille should be prohibitively expensive, the price is part of the attraction for a sensational product like the RM032. Pricing aside, the Dark Diver is very large and tonally quite boisterous, but I suppose that is the point of a replica watch like this. Regardless of the fact that I will never own one, I love Richard Mille mens watches as they represent the cutting edge, a product of one of the dynamic elements within modern replica watch making. Surprisingly, there is a lot of competition to be found at the six figure price point, but Richard Mille is doing as they please and the RM032 certainly won’t be confused for a similarly priced Patek, Lange or Opus.

A Review Of Montblanc Meisterstück Heritage Perpetual Calendar Replica

Montblanc introduced the Meisterstück fountain pen 90 years ago. With a deep black finish, gold rings and clip, a cap inlaid with the Montblanc star emblem, and a handcrafted nib, the pen became a famous status symbol. The brand launched the Montblanc Meisterstück Heritage Replica Collection of timepieces to mark the 90th birthday of this iconic writing instrument. We take a closer look at the collection’s perpetual calendar model.

Montblanc brought out its first collection of replica watches in 1997 and named them after its celebrated pen (meisterstück is German for “masterpiece”). To commemorate the pen’s 90th birthday, Montblanc Mens Replica has introduced a family of four new replica watches, the Meisterstück Heritage Collection. Among them is the Meisterstück Heritage Perpetual Calendar, which contains an SW 300-1 automatic base movement from Sellita enhanced with a Dubois Dépraz module.


The Perpetual Calendar’s case is made of 5N rose gold. It is 39 mm in diameter and 10.3 mm thick and has a slender, highly polished bezel. Its straight, vertical mid-section is decorated with a fine satin finish. Short lugs attach a black, lightly padded alligator strap that has a rose-gold pronged buckle. The replica watch weighs just 79.5 grams. It fits snugly and comfortably on the wrist. The highly polished caseback has four screws, also highly polished, and a sapphire window. Inscribed on the caseback are the level of water resistance, 3 bar, or 30 meters; and the case material, “Au750,” or 18k gold. The Montblanc name between the lugs at 12 o’clock is quite prominent; the engraved “Meisterstück Heritage” at 6 o’clock seems less significant in comparison, especially in light of previous Meisterstück models, which had a rather flashy “Meisterstück” engraving along the left side of the case. The case of the Meisterstück Heritage series looks much more refined.

Several inset buttons on both sides of the case are used to adjust the calendar mechanism. One button near 4 o’clock advances the moon-phase display, while another near 8 o’clock is used for the day of the week, and the one between 10 and 11 o’clock is used for the month display. A button at 10 o’clock advances the date and day simultaneously. If these indications are not in sync, you must first set the date and then the day using the button at 8 o’clock. The crown, of a new design, shows the Montblanc star in elegant polished relief on a matte sandblasted background instead of as a white inlay, as on other Montblanc replica watches. The crown is rather small but can still be readily grasped and turned thanks to prominent grooves around its edge. It is also easy to use your fingernail to pull the crown to the time-setting position; however, you may pass over another crown position without noticing. The crown hangs slightly below the mid-section of the case, which also makes operation simpler. There is a hack mechanism for the time-setting position, despite the lack of a seconds hand. (Montblanc had this indication replaced by Dubois Dépraz.) We noticed that the stem turned out of round during winding and setting, although this had no negative effect during our review.

The dial has a silver-white background with a delicate sunburst pattern that varies in appearance depending on the angle and intensity of the light. The perpetual calendar is displayed on several subdials. The day and date are printed in black on inset rings: the day at 9 o’clock is shown as English abbreviations and the date at 3 o’clock alternates as Arabic numerals for the odd-numbered days and as black dots for the even-numbered ones. By contrast, the abbreviations for the months at 12 o’clock and the display for the moon-phase at 6 o’clock are printed directly on the dial. A small arrow set on a lower level within the month ring turns to indicate the leap year. The first three years are printed in black with the leap year shown as a red 4. Divisions between the years are simple black lines.

The button at 4 o’clock resets the moon-phase display; buttons on the other side of the case are used to adjust the day, date and month.

The button at 4 o’clock resets the moon-phase display; buttons on the other side of the case are used to adjust the day, date and month.

A blue moon-phase disk with a golden moon and stars turns beneath a double-arc opening in the dial at 6 o’clock. The other calendar indicators feature blued steel hands while gold-plated, faceted dauphine hands point to the time. The hours are marked with faceted applied indexes, gold plated and streamlined, in three different lengths. The markers at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock are shortened to leave room for the calendar dials and the logo. Along with the Roman numeral 12, this results in a well-balanced circular display. Each  applied marker is firmly fastened to the dial at two points. The minutes markers are printed along the outer rim of the dial, which is slightly curved to the outside to make them more visible. The resulting look, including the slightly curved sapphire crystal, recalls classic 1950s designs.

The base movement, a Sellita SW300-1, can be seen through the caseback.

The base movement, a Sellita SW300-1, can be seen through the caseback.

Once a perpetual calendar is correctly set and running, it will always show the correct date. Although a standard calendar will need to be reset at the end of months shorter than 31 days, a perpetual calendar “knows” how long each month is and adjusts itself accordingly. Only in the year 2100 will the calendar need to be reset, assuming the replica watch is kept running continuously until then (an unlikely proposition). If (or, rather, when) the watch stops running before 2100, you can adjust the calendar using the inset buttons as described above – a simple process when you use a correction stylus. The moon-phase display requires more attention: it will need to be reset after 2.5 years. Montblanc has named its Sellita/ Dubois Dépraz movement Caliber MB29.15. The Sellita 300, an alternative to the ETA 2892, has been on the market for just five years, so modifications to it are still rather rare. The calendar module has been in existence somewhat longer and has been modified for Montblanc. Changes were made in the month display and, in this version, the leap-year cycle.

Montblanc’s month display shows one entire year. The four-year leap-year indicator advances at the first of each month. Unfortunately, on our timepiece, an error was made when this disk was set. The leap-year arrow did not point to the correct spot on the four-year circle. Calendar functions are always driven by the hour wheel. Because this wheel makes two complete rotations each day while the calendar advances only once in 24 hours, the calendar mechanism requires a transmission gear. This wheel moves a complex system of gears, levers, springs and clicks that advance the date, day, month and year as well as the moon-phase display. The Dubois Dépraz calendar module in the perpetual calendar is a “continuously rotating” type, which means that the calendar functions (date, day and month) are not advanced instantaneously via a large yoke (i.e., a jumping perpetual calendar), but rather via continuously rotating wheels. The hands move at two different speeds, first slowly and then suddenly, and not necessarily simultaneously – a real pleasure to replica watch.

Take A Look At The Classic Of Girard-Perregaux 1966 Replica

La Chaux-de-Fonds-based Girard-Perregaux Mens Replica has unveiled a stainless steel version of its now-iconic Girard-Perregaux 1966 Replica timepiece. Presented  in a 40-mm x 8.9-mm case, this is the first time the 1966 will be offered in steel.

The opaline silvered dial of the 1966 is uncluttered and easy to read, with leaf-shaped hour and minute hands and a thin seconds hand. A window at 3 o’clock indicates the date. Beveled steel indices mark the hour, along with black dots that indicate minutes and seconds.

Girard-Perregaux 1966 - Steel

Protecting the dial is a slightly curved, nonreflective sapphire crystal. The caseback also has a sapphire crystal, showing off the in-house automatic movement that powers the functions buy siwss replica watch.

Beneath the dial, finished to a high-level, is caliber GP03300-0030, which beats at 28,8000 vph (4 Hz) and offers a 46-hour power reserve. The movement features 27 jewels, perlage decoration on the mainplate and côtes de Genève stripes on the bridges. The steel rotor is decorated with a circular côtes de Genève finish.

Girard-Perregaux 1966 - Steel - back

According to Girard-Perregaux Replica, “The collection… was launched as a tribute the year 1966 when it included the first high-frequency movement, with a balance beating at a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour. This discovery radically transformed the world of timekeeping. The same year, the Manufacture won several awards at the Centennial Awards held at the Observatory of Neuchatel.” Scroll down for more photos of the new steel 1966 models.



Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon With Steel 42mm Case Replica

Arnold & Son Mens Replica recently announced a new, stainless steel version of its HM Perpetual Moon timepiece — first introduced at Baselworld 2013 — with a beautiful, blue, lacquered guilloché dial.

Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon With Steel 42mm Case Replica

To give a little background, the Arnold & Son Royal Collection is inspired by the timepieces created in the early part of replica watchmaker and brand namesake John Arnold’s life and pays tribute to the replica watches he produced for King George III and members of the British royal court.

According to the company, the moon-phase indication of the HM Perpetual Moon, seen on the majority of the upper half of the dial, is not only one of the biggest moon-phase displays on the market,  it is also one of the most accurate, “with only one day’s deviation every 122 years – at which point a single push on the corrector will keep it in sync for another 122 years.”

Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon With Steel 42mm Case Replica

To make this oversized moon-phase display possible, right behind the aperture is a disk measuring 29 mm, with two hand-engraved moons measuring 11.2 mm each, along with stars and a blue lacquered guilloché surface matching the dial.

Further, around back, to set the moon-phase, there is a second moon-phase indication with eight phases of the moon; this is used to more easily, and precisely, set the function on the front.

From the technical side, not only is the HM Perpetual Moon incredibly precise, it is also an intriguing complication in that it is not simply a module added to the movement, but is, in fact, fully integrated into the caliber.

The case is 42 mm in diameter and crafted in stainless steel, which makes it both more affordable and lighter than the previous precious-metal versions. The fully polished case features stepped sides that are wide on the top and taper towards the wrist. A convex sapphire crystal with double anti-glare treatment protects the dial, and a sapphire on the back protects the movement side and offers a view of the immaculately finished mechanical components.

Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon With Steel 42mm Case Replica

Arnold & Son’s mechanical hand-wound caliber A&S1512 powers buy siwss replica watch. The plate and bridges are made of nickel silver (also known as German silver) and have rhodium-treated surfaces, along with manually chamfered and polished bridge edges.

The dial is simple yet it boasts an exquisite construction, consisting of blue lacquered guilloché work, and it is punctuated with faceted, applied indexes (with no tips) and dots that represent the minutes, with large, polished, sword-shaped hands to indicate the time.

Presenting The Bulgari Diagono Scuba Blue Dial Replica

Bulgari introduced the Bulgari Diagono Scuba Replica more than 20 years ago, and at one time even offered a slightly more extreme version with 2,000 meter water-resistance and an automatic helium-release valve (Ref. SD42SVDAUTO, 2003). The current model, launched in 2015 during Baselworld, is a bit more like a “gentleman” diver. To be more precise, it’s one of those replica watches that go equally well with a suit for the office, or with shorts at the beach.

Presenting The Bulgari Diagono Scuba Blue Dial Replica

The latest dial color available for the Bulgari Diagono Scuba is (dark) blue and has already started to surface at some of the brand’s boutiques, right in time for summer.
Presenting The Bulgari Diagono Scuba Blue Dial Replica

The replica watch is powered by Bulgari’s in-house caliber BVL 191 (191 components; 28,800 vph/4Hz; 26.2 mm x 3.8 mm; 26 jewels) which debuted in 2013 in the Bulgari buy siwss replica watch. The automatic movement is produced at the company’s facility in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, and features côtes de Genève decoration and a 42-hour power reserve. The oscillating weight is mounted on ceramic ball bearings. And, surprisingly, the black date disk goes well with the dark blue dial.

Presenting The Bulgari Diagono Scuba Blue Dial Replica

Introducing The Seiko Prospex Landmaster Alpinist Spring Drive Replica

Those of us who coveted the limited edition, super-expensive Seiko Spacewalk replica watch have a new hope. Check out the Seiko Prospex Landmaster Alpinist SBDB007 and SBDB005. The Spacewalk was beautiful and desirable, but extremely expensive at $28,000 for the consumer version. It was Seiko’s answer to the space travel replica watch, and it was certainly tested in space.

Introducing The Seiko Prospex Landmaster Alpinist Spring Drive Replica

Now comes a new Spring Drive based Seiko mens replica watch that is almost like a little brother to the Spacewalk. The new Prospex Landmaster Alpinist is a limited edition also (but only for the black version I believe), but much more affordable and contains several of the design elements from the Spacewalk:
Introducing The Seiko Prospex Landmaster Alpinist Spring Drive Replica
The ‘007 (nice model number, Seiko!) is a limited edition made for Yuichiro Miura, an 80 year old man who will attempt to summit Mount Everest. Miura will be the oldest person to climb Everest if he succeeds, I have to admire him for even being able to attempt it at that age.

The press release (Google translation here) makes the reasonable claim that the engineering required to make the Spacewalk work in super-cold outer space was reused for the bitter cold on the mountain, and that the legibility requirements were similar. Seiko claims that temperature changes from +50C to -40C (122F to -40F) are no problem; impressive.

It’s titanium, as weight is a major concern for mountain climbers, with a ‘hard coated’ black layer that is often IP with Seiko, but might be PVD or DLC. Sapphire crystal of course, water resistant to 100m with a screwdown crown. Size is 46.8mm long by 45mm wide by 14.2mm thick, and 140g. There is also a non-black version that also comes on a nice bracelet. Judging by the same 140 gram weight it is also in titanium, but according the Seiko website buy siwss replica watch the case material is “Diamond Shield.” Not sure what that is but it sounds kinda awesome.

Spring Drive movement 5R66 with 72 hour power reserve, +/- 15 seconds/month accuracy, 24-hour hand and power reserve. Thirty jewels and 295 separate parts.

Louis Moinet Memoris 200th Anniversary Chronograph Replica

Louis Moinet Mens Replica was a 19th century French replica watchmaker who was a contemporary of Abraham-Louis Breguet, but whose name receded into history until the brand was revived in 2004. Louis Moinet’s greatest claim to fame, however, only came in 2013 when the brand’s owner discovered a chronograph capable to measuring a sixtieth of a second, created in 1816 to aid astronomical calculations. Known as compteur de tierces, or “counter of thirds”, the chronograph crowns Moinet the maker of the first known stop replica watch, trumping the long held claim to the title by Nicolas Rieussec (and by extension Montblanc).
Conceived to mark the two centuries since the landmark timepiece, the Memoris 200th Anniversary Chronograph is a more elaborate version of Louis Moinet’s signature chronograph that shows off the mechanics of the stop replica watch on the dial.

The premise of the original Memoris is simple: inverting the usual construction of a chronograph to have all the levers and gears of the stopreplica watch mechanism on the front. Most of the dial is occupied by the chronograph, with the time shown on a sub-dial at six o’clock. Though the layout is novel, the chronograph mechanism is traditional, with a column wheel as the on-off switch (visible at 12 o’clock) and a horizontal coupling to transmit power from the gear train to the chronograph.

Three features distinguish the 200th Anniversary edition from the ordinary model, starting with the sub-dial for the time in deep blue vitreous enamel. Second is the main plate that’s engraved and lacquered blue to resemble a starry night sky. And to maximise the view of the chronograph works, the bridge for the chronograph registers is entirely clear. Though it resembles sapphire crystal, the clear bridge is actually made of another material that Louis Moinet says is top secret, though it is likely aluminium oxynitride (a ceramic material known as clear aluminium).

The point of putting the chronograph on the front is to make a statement, but it also means little can be hidden. Fortunately, the movement decoration is competently executed, with the visible component finished properly. That means straight graining and bevelling for the chronograph levers, countersinks for the screw and jewel holes, and so on. The decor does not surpass the gold standard for modern chronographs set by the Datograph, but scores well.
A chunky 46mm in diameter and 15.75mm high, the replica watch case is complex, seemingly for the sake of being complex. There are six screws holding down the bezel, four holding down the crown guard, three for each side of the lugs. While all of that is proof of the work required to put it together, the case style is ordinary, being large and round with thick lugs.

One reason the replica watch is so large is the size of the movement, with the LM54 inside just over 30mm in diameter and almost 9mm high. By comparison, the common Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement is 30mm wide and 7.9mm high. One factor behind the thickness of the height of the automatic winding mechanism, with a visibly thick rotor sitting on a bridge that holds the winding gears in place.

Interestingly, the winding mechanism is what Louis Moinet calls Energie Plus. It is actually a bidirectional winding system featuring twin pawls that is similar to IWC’s Pellaton mechanism, highly regarded for its efficient winding. But the Pellaton mechanism suffers from being relatively thick, buy siwss replica watch something that clearly characterises Energie Plus as well.