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Omega Speedmaster series, “The Dark Side” replica watch

The design “Dark Side” black ceramic chronograph, a perfect echo in six lunar missions faithfully accompany astronauts OMEGA Speedmaster moon replica watch, is the perfect new member of the super family, and make super Pa has become more prominent in the name! Combined with outstanding chronograph function with the world’s most superior mechanical replica watch movement, absolutely capable of causing a strong response from fans Speedmaster watches and fashion fans. The concept of all-black design with the moon, almost black to a type.

Panerai Tuttonero Replica watches

Which replica watch is entirely self-developed by Panerai Mens replica watch factory, making P.9001 / B movement. Movement has also been blackened, so watch the whole show all black appearance, which is engraved on the watch back watch name “TUTTONERO” (all black) meaning. Its bracelet is made entirely in matt black ceramic, ceramic bracelet design perfect fusion with the case, but with a curved surface, thereby improving the bracelet soft touch, make more comfortable to wear.