Oris Calobra Limited Edition Racing Watch

While we are enduring fans of all things “dive + Oris”, their racing-inspired watches have always been both a great deal and great looking. This new limited edition Calobra model for 2013 is a shining example of how Oris does motorsports-themed watches right. Oris isn’t new to the racing watch game, and steadily offers new models each year. The sad thing about the Calobra is probably that it is limited given that this could easily be the base for a larger collection. Having said that, the Calobra is a revision of the standard Oris Replica Watches shop that offers much of the same appeal in a non-limited edition way.

Oris Calobra Limited Edition Racing Watch

For the most part, the Calobra Limited Edition is mostly the Artix GT chronograph with some cosmetic changes, but they are important changes in my opinion. The standard Artix GT Chronograph has quite small baton style hour markers that are applied to the dial. In my opinion they are perhaps a bit too small and throw off the balance of the design. The piece is certainly classy looking, but I feel as though it cannot decide whether it wants to be a racing watch or a casual dress watch. With the Calobra, Oris goes full throttle sport watch, and with excellent results.

The Calobra has a dial of full Arabic numerals painted with lume and accented in red. In fact, unlike the Artix GT Chronograph that has mere hints of red, the Calobra is less shy with the hue offering a bolder look that many want with a sport watch. At the same time the dial isn’t overwhelmed with red, being mostly black and white. A very unique feature in the Calobra is one that most people easily miss with the first few glances. Look at the chronograph sub dials and where the “0” position is. Rather than being at 12 o’clock, the default position for the hands is at 8 o’clock. We don’t know the precise reason for this, but it does add an interesting character to the piece and allows the dial to appear more interesting while the chronograph is not running.

The chronograph replica sub dials also feel as though they have more legibility and as always, the date window is built into the lower sub dial. To offer a cleaner look, the Artix and Calobra both have a linear style running seconds indicator, which you don’t see very often. The way it works is that there is a black and red colored disc under the dial. A thin window appears to have a line of red advance as the seconds increase, and then go back to zero. It offers a nice way to view the running seconds without cluttering up the dial. Just something you rarely see, especially in watches at this price.

With a case that has lugs which resemble those on the TAG Heuer Carrera, the Calobra case is classic and comfortable. At 44mm wide it is the perfect size for a race watch. The polished surfaces are classy feeling, especially when mixed with the purposeful looking red, black, and white dial. Small details such as the plunger-style chronograph pusher help mix classic and modern looks in what is essentially a very contemporary racing watch. A great feature is the bezel. It is rare to see a race watch these days with a rotating bezel. On top of that, the bezel is ceramic. The Oris Artix GT Chronograph and Calobra are unique for having not only a ceramic rotating bezel on a race watch, but also one that is relatively thin.

Oris is known for really finely regulating their movements. Inside the Calobra Limited Edition is a base Sellita SW500 that they call the Oris Caliber 774 automatic chronograph. The SW500 is Sellita’s version of the ETA Valjoux 7750. The case is also rated water resistant to 100 meters and uses a double AR-coated sapphire crystal over the dial. On the rear of the watch is an engraving special to this limited edition that features a view of the race. What race? The ‘Oris Rally Clasico Isla Mallorca’ of course. The Calobra watch is named for a small Spanish town that is near the race which, has been going on for almost a decade now.

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