It’s in the historic Bonneville Salt Flats that Alex Zimmerman, CEO of Baume & Mercier and Grant Bester, Vice President of Indian Motorcycle EMEA, met to signed their partnership.

“Our agreement is cherished by our common pursuit of perfection, quality and craftsmanship, translated all in iconic design and contemporary esthetic. Our brands have both strongshared values and exude exceptional spirit”,  said Alain Zimmerman. Grant Bester agreed on those common values and highlighted the opportunites that it will bring them with wider exposure.

United by shared values, Baume & Mercier and Indian Motorcycle both boast rich history dating back over 100 years, from the days of their pioneering forefathers to the current day, where style, performance and superior quality are the focus and drive for both brands.

In this unique collaboration, the two brands will capture the iconic spirit and translate it into a series of limited edition watches paying tribute to Indian Motorcycle’s iconic history, and which will be revealed later this year. Each design is enriched with exceptional details and will please watch enthusiasts and moto aficionados seeking uniqueness.

Before this year, Baume et Mercier introduced its Clifton Club “hero” set of sports watches in SIHH with its CEO, Alain Zimmerman, stating they’re focusing on younger clientele. In case you haven’t noticed the motto “Gentle Sportsmen,” the market with this watch is the bike polo playing, big wave grabbing, classic car driving, alternative sports athlete who wears nicely tailored, slim-fitting suits to casual parties and club meetings. I use a suit pretty frequently, and never once did I feel as though it was great attire to ride a bike, push a skateboard, or catch a wave. Although, when it comes to driving a car with its top down and feeling like James Bond, well, I would have to provide them a gentlemanly nod.In my head, Baume et Mercier did not have a client demographic that was youthful, daring, or sporty, and certainly not part of the counter culture that is cafe racers and classic customs. I thought of them as a watch company for anniversary gifts, a thank you present you purchase for your parents following your initial “real” paycheck, a fashion watch to get a girlfriend or partner, possibly a graduation present. The cost point for a Baume et Mercier is around a few thousand; only about the cost of a vintage fixer upper. Sure, even if they were attempting to break into the MotoGP audience having a more affordable timepiece, it’d be a no brainer, but a Wheels and Waves motorcycling event filled with kickstarts, bandanas, and antiques, sounded a bit strange.

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