A Elegant Timepiece Of Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel Men's Replica

This year’s Tudor Black Bay Replica drops the coloured bezels that contributed heavily to the replica watch’s initial popularity (the red and blue versions are, we feel, responsible for the influx of colour to sports replica watches over the last couple of years). Instead, we get a plain steel bezel, with dive counter numerals in black.

And, which will no doubt split opinion more than anything else: a Date Window! This is the first Tudor Heritage Black Bay Replica with a date function, at 3 o’clock.

A Elegant Timepiece Of Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel Men's Replica

It’s arguably even more toned-down and conservative than the Black Bay Black, which when we covered it here, we said was the version most likely to appeal to the mass market. And in a way, you could say this sits at the opposite end of the spectrum from the PVD-coated Black Bay Dark. It’s the Black Bay Nude, if you will.

There are a couple of other tiny details to note: the edging to the lume plots is white rather than gold (this is in fact rhodium plated) – this is in line with the blue and dark versions. But essentially, this is the exact same Heritage Black Bay that the world can’t get enough of. Same case, same in-house movement (standard since 2016), Tudor’s Calibre MT5602.

A Elegant Timepiece Of Tudor Heritage Black Bay Steel Men's Replica
Thanks to the steel bezel, this model perhaps looks better on a bracelet than the other Black Bays. Note the riveted link-ends, adding to the industrial-chic feel. The replica watch is offered on a green fabric strap if the bracelet isn’t your thing – as is normal with Tudor, the strap option is included in the price.

And that really is that. It joins the red, blue, black, dark and bronze versions, making the Heritage Black Bay collection a nicely rounded selection of replica watches. We honestly thought the Black Bay Dark would be the last one for a while, so once bitten, twice shy, and all that, but surely there aren’t many more Black Bays waiting in the wings?

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