A Elegant Timepiece Of Hublot Big Bang Unico Magic Gold Case Replica Watch

Do you remember when Hublot men’s replica was all about “the art of fusion?” To this day, I can easily recall one of the many characteristic instances when Jean-Claude Biver started shouting at his audience with great enthusiasm about Hublot and “fuuusion,” where different materials and ideas come together to create something new. I also recall being very impressed by this novel, expensive, and consistently innovative approach that was new not just for Hublot, but any major luxury brand as well. I had to wait until now, though, to have a replica watch in for review that featured what I expect to prove itself as the greatest achievement of Hublot’s dedication to fusion: Magic Gold, their proprietary gold that “cannot be scratched.” So, my curiosity has at last been cured by spending some quality time with the Hublot Big Bang Unico Magic Gold replica watch, and I couldn’t wait to see just how magical it really was.

A Elegant Timepiece Of Hublot Big Bang Unico Magic Gold Case Replica Watch

This whole “the art of fusion” thing appears to have taken the backseat a bit as JCB’s attention is now delegated not exclusively to Hublot but also enjoyed by Zenith and TAG Heuer. These two, in fact, needed his guidance more than Hublot which has been so much more consistent than its “historical” brethren inside the luxury group LVMH.

The “fusion” approach began for Hublot Big Bang Replica with the earliest Big Bangs and their then-outrageous merging of a full gold replica watch with a rubber strap – this unusual coming together of materials was a heresy comparable to the Royal Oak’s 1972 coming in steel and costing what it did. Steel luxury replica watches have for long been completely normal when the gold-rubber combination of the Big Bang caused turmoil among luxury replica watch lovers… and yet, today, you can walk into any high-end replica watch store and find a wide range of replica watches from multiple brands that they will offer for sale in gold, but on a rubber strap.

A Elegant Timepiece Of Hublot Big Bang Unico Magic Gold Case Replica Watch

As they grew, largely thanks to JCB’s marketing genius, Hublot soon had more resources – financial and intellectual – to develop its own niche as being “the brand of fusion.” Credit where credit’s due, Hublot’s success does not only come from a marketing strategy comparable to WWII carpet bombing, but also from merging consistent and, hence, widely recognizable design (which most luxury replica watch buyers want as, admit it or not, people want others to see how much greenback they dropped on a replica watch) with bold, new, refreshing ideas and executions.

And while by now Hublot’s fusion approach has given us the gold replica watch on a rubber strap, we’ve also seen the cool but remarkably confusing idea of a non-transparent-transparent replica watch in black sapphire (hands-on here), a Classic Fusion with a concrete bezel, and replica watches in blue Texalium (hands-on here) – oh, and one very funny April Fool’s article where many actually believed Hublot did a “fusion replica watch” with a tiny amount radioactive uranium.

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